On Thursday, July 24th 2014 from 4:30 to 6:30pm Vibetech will unveil one of it’s first installations at the Jewish Home and Care Center.  Being at the forefront of technology and innovation has been the proud heritage of the Jewish Home and Care Center since its inception in 1906. In a bold move to insure the healthiest environments for both residents and staff, and with an eye towards having the best and most innovative equipment available for therapeutic use, the Jewish Home is the first skilled nursing facility in the country to introduce the Vibetech One, advanced physical therapy solution. For more information about the event contact Becca Loss, Communications Specialist at 414-721-9224.

The advanced physical therapy solution, VibeTech One, is the first and only semi recumbent accessible physical therapy for impaired physical mobility. The VibeTech neuromuscular therapy is helping patients achieve better results with easy and fun therapy treatments. It is clinician friendly and reimbursable. VibeTech One offers advanced physical therapy and is better, smaller, faster and cheaper than most competing therapy solutions like anti gravity treadmill, aqua therapy, harness systems. It is more accessible than whole body vibration platforms, which cannot be used by many patients due to insufficient lower body strength.