A Series of Good Vibrations

Hosted by Jeff Leismer, PhD


VibeTech is introducing a new video blog called, “A Series of Good Vibrations,” which offers a collection of connected stories, testimonials and clinical results featuring concepts and innovations to enrich your life.


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A Series of Good Vibrations

Episode 1: Creating a Super You

Super humans make for great storylines in the movies.

What if I told you that it is actually possible to create super humans?

Would you want to become a super you?

Technology is now available to push human ability beyond what we thought was previously possible.

We know that it’s possible to temporarily make people 20% stronger in a matter of minutes.

With properly tuned therapeutic vibration, we have seen individuals living with neuropathy and impaired balance double their leg strength after just 1 month.

Imagine tripling your leg strength in just 90 days from a single session a week like others we have treated.

It’s like something right out of a book.

With greater strength comes increased physical confidence, reducing your fear of falling.

Users have stated they feel empowered to do more physical activity after treatment.

Our Series of Good Vibrations could turn the dial on dysmobility, reducing the risk of suffering a fall.

I’ve now told you about increasing your quality of life by boosting your strength.

Join me next week, and I’ll share with you how improvements in range of motion and pain can help reduce the risk of falls.