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VibeTech to assist Rocky Knoll Life Enrichment Program through Brotz Foundation grant

Celebrating a community partnership between Rocky Knoll, the Frank G. and Frieda K. Brotz Family Foundation and VibeTech are (from left) Charles Conrardy (President, Rocky Knoll Foundation), Jeff Leismer (founder and CEO, VibeTech), Jesse Brotz (director, Brotz Family Foundation), Adam Payne (administrator, Sheboygan County), Kayla Clinton (administrator, Rocky Knoll), John Brotz (vice president of [...]

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Good vibrations combat memory loss impact

Good vibrations combat memory loss impact VibeTech restructures to focus on innovation by Jeff Pederson Sheboygan Falls News Editor As it strives to make a wider impact in the healthcare field with its innovative therapeutic vibration science and technology VibeTech Enterprises LLC of Sheboygan has recently fine-tuned its approach and directed its efforts more intensively [...]

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NASA-sponsored health technology lands in Sheboygan

CBS Sunday Morning's Michael Schlesinger visited Dr. Jeff Leismer in the VibeTech office for this special feature on the health care advancements being experienced through the use of the VibeTech machine.  The delivery of vibration through the VibeTech machine has provided relief to those suffering from lower back pain, tendonitis, diabetic neuropathy, Parkinson's disease and [...]

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VibeTech CEO & Founder Dr. Jeff Leismer on Lori La Bey’s Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Dr. Jeff Leismer is the guest of nationally renowned Alzheimer's advocate Lori La Bey on her Alzheimer's Speaks Radio program. The program entitled Changing Lives - Restoring Function and Reducing Pain features Leismer and collaborative partners Kayla Clinton and Deb Jacoby of Rocky Knoll Health Care Center in Plymouth, WI.  Their discussion highlights the results [...]

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Milwaukee PBS: Next Avenue Community Conversations: “Cutting-Edge Technologies and their Role in Home-Based Health Care”

Dr. Leismer joins Mark Siegrist host of Milwaukee PBS' Next Avenue Community Conversations. This panel discussion with Dr. Manish Acharya and Bryan Lewis , PhD focuses on technological advancements and providing more options for health care in the home from online doctor visits and monitoring to breakthrough medical equipment developed in Wisconsin to build muscle [...]

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Listen to entrepreneur, Jeff Leismer, PhD tell his story on BizTalk with SCORE radio

This radio interview covers a broad range of topics ranging from introducing a new and innovative medical device, to working with a high-tech project, raising funds, and protecting intellectual property. The show first aired on March 3, 2018 and is available for listening at:  

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Watch VibeTech CEO, Dr. Jeff Leismer, pitch to Milwaukee’s moguls on Project Pitch It

VibeTech was selected to present its business case to Milwaukee area moguls on Project Pitch It. The show can be thought of as Wisconsin’s version of Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs present their business to successful entrepreneurs who engage in discussions on how to best move the ideas forward. All entrepreneurs on the show receive an [...]

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Sheboygan business sends good vibrations for physical therapy – Sheboygan Falls News (December 1, 2017)

Sheboygan business sends good vibrations for physical therapy Vibe Tech introduces second  generation of revolutionary rehab machine   by Jeff Pederson Sheboygan Falls News Editor   After making a breakthrough discovery as a biomedical engineering graduate student at Michigan Tech University nearly 17 years ago, Dr. Jeff Leismer of Sheboygan has traveled a long, intricate [...]

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