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In The News

As the pioneer of therapeutic vibration technology for older adults and individuals experiencing dysmobility, VibeTech has been featured on PBS, CBS, and local TV stations, in the NASA Spinoff book, in nationally distributed magazines, and in newspapers and other news outlets, web pages, and blogs. We have also been asked to present at international and regional conferences such as the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM), the American Conference on Human Vibration (ACHV), and Wisconsin Science and Technology Symposium (now called the SPARK Symposium). This page shares news, events, and a video blog that showcase our journey as we shape the face of the therapeutic vibration industry to improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs for under-served populations for whom exercise is difficult or impossible.

A Series of Good Vibrations Introduction

Video Blog| A Series of Good Vibrations Hosted by Jeff Leismer, PhD INTRODUCTION VibeTech is introducing a new video blog called, "A Series of Good Vibrations," which offers a collection of connected stories, testimonials and [...]

VibeTech suspends treatments, continues product development during COVID-19 pandemic


Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) To mitigate the risk to our clients, friends, and employees, VibeTech has postponed treatments taking place in our research and demonstration facility and adopted a work-from-home policy. During this time, our [...]