A Series of Good Vibrations

Hosted by Jeff Leismer, PhD


VibeTech is introducing a new video blog called, “A Series of Good Vibrations,” which offers a collection of connected stories, testimonials and clinical results featuring concepts and innovations to enrich your life.


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Did you know that astronauts can lose as much as 20% of their bone mass in a single year in space? 

Who else does bone loss affect? — Older adults. 

Nearly 20 years ago, I invented therapeutic vibration technology as a biomechanical, non-pharmacological solution to the problem of bone loss during spaceflight. 

This same vibration signal occurs every time we take a step or contract our muscles.  

My discovery that the muscles can be exercised in the absence of any effort led me to start a NASA-spinoff company to make this revolutionary technology available to those who struggle to exercise. 

If you’re suffering from or caring for others experiencing decline due to age, disability, frailty, pain or other building blocks of dysmobility, this series is for you.  

Join me, Jeff Leismer, as I walk you through collections of connected stories, testimonials, and clinical results featuring concepts and innovations to enrich your life.  

Together, we’ll experience a Series of Good Vibrations. 

So, watch for me every week, or view it on our website.  

In our first series, I will address how therapeutic vibration can boost strength, improve balance and mobility, improve pain and range of motion, and help nursing home residents with Alzheimer’s disease reduce falls and the devastating physical and psychological costs thereof. 

Welcome to “A Series of Good Vibrations.”

A Series of Good Vibrations  

Series I – “How NASA Spinoff Technology Has Been Decreasing Falls in at Risk Individuals” 

  • May 15, 2020 – Creating a Super You — 20% Stronger in Just 10-Minutes; 3X Stronger in 3 Months 
  • May 22, 2020 – How Can That Be? An Astounding 1/3rd More Flexibility and 2/3rds Less Pain in Just 10-Minutes without Any Medication 
  • May 29, 2020 – Large Gains in Balance, Mobility, & Physical Confidence Boost Mood and Break Down the Barriers to Physical Activity 
  • June 05, 2020 – The Prize — Reducing Falls in Alzheimer’s Residents Who are 2X More Likely to Fall