I believe the VibeTech Two will become the new gold standard for treatment of numerous maladies and problems with atrophy of the lower extremities. I will suggest widespread deployment of it in hospitals, skilled nursing homes, physical therapy and rehab facilities. I believe that VibeTech has a very promising future.
Robert Robbins, MD, FACS - General Surgeon, Hardin Memorial Hospital Elizabethtown, KY


VibeTech brings safe, accessible physical therapy and occupational therapy to people with impaired physical mobility. The device can be used while the user is seated, with or without user effort.

VibeTech technology is patented and FDA registered. It is designed to address issues of individual patients, help physical therapists with their work and make it easy for facilities, centers and hospitals to spread smiles along with financial and other benefits. Impaired physical mobility, pain and other neuromuscular conditions pose difficult problems in the lives of many and needs careful attention.


Existing physical therapy and occupational therapy options for people with impaired physical mobility are often either too difficult for the user or too burdensome for the therapist. Some options take multiple therapists to set up, are undignified for patients, and can only benefit people with the strength and energy to exercise. Other modalities only treat a single muscle group, are uncomfortable, and require the user to stand and balance.

The VibeTech Two rehabilitates all parts of the legs in a single, pleasant 10-minute session. Our patented method of providing strength training vibration therapy to a seated user allows individuals to receive the benefits of exercise — even if they can’t exert any effort.

…there is a need for equipment that can be used in a seated position due to increasing use among people with serious strength, flexibility, mobility and functional limitations. The equipment [VibeTech] has developed meets the needs of these patients, while no other products appear to serve this population very well.
Harold Merriman PT, PhD, CLT General Medicine Coordinator - Vibration Therapy Expert, Dept of Health and Sport Science University of Dayton


Vibrations – Proper dosing is critical

We conducted comprehensive research to determine the safest range of vibration frequency and resistance dosing for safe, optimal benefit to the user. The intensity of the vibrations can be precisely calibrated to each user’s tolerance level.

Seated position – Reduced fall risk

We designed accessible physical therapy and occupational therapy equipment to ensure that even individuals with highly impaired physical mobility will benefit from therapeutic rehabilitation. There is no risk of falling during physical therapy and occupational therapy while in a seated position. This raises the user’s confidence level and encourages the user to participate in additional therapies.


  • Re-engages muscles and function
  • Improves strength, balance and gait
  • Stimulates circulation and neural sensation
  • Increases range of motion, flexibility and mobility

Impaired physical mobility is the most critical ailment the VibeTech Two is designed to overcome. This is because our physical medicine and rehabilitation directly supplements physical activity levels in the lower extremities. We deliver a safe, effective and reimbursable therapeutic modality even to more debilitated individuals, including those recovering from a fresh injury or surgery.


Impaired physical mobility causes secondary health complications that are costly and make rehabilitation difficult. The cost associated with physical medicine and rehabilitation of this population is estimated at $18 billion annually in the U.S.

Aging, disability, illness, inactivity, neurological disorder, injury, surgery or a sedentary lifestyle can bring about muscle loss, or atrophy. A decrease in physical activity can cause muscle loss in as little as 72 hours. The leg muscles are among the first to weaken.

Often these lower-functioning individuals are left without a viable and accessible physical therapy and occupational therapy solution. Until now.

VibeTech is better, faster, smaller and cheaper than other physical therapy options like anti-gravity treadmills, aqua therapy or harness machines. The therapy is also very relieving and soothing compared to electric stimulation that can be painful.