Celebrating a community partnership between Rocky Knoll, the Frank G. and Frieda K. Brotz Family Foundation and VibeTech are (from left) Charles Conrardy (President, Rocky Knoll Foundation), Jeff Leismer (founder and CEO, VibeTech), Jesse Brotz (director, Brotz Family Foundation), Adam Payne (administrator, Sheboygan County), Kayla Clinton (administrator, Rocky Knoll), John Brotz (vice president of human resources, Plenco) and Janine Bolz (Life Enrichment Coordinator, Rocky Knoll).


A grant from the Frank B. & Frieda K. Brotz Family Foundation Inc. will enable VibeTech’s new semi-recumbent therapeutic vibration equipment to take center stage in advancing the Life Enrichment Program at Rocky Knoll Health Care Center in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Rocky Knoll Health Care Center is Sheboygan County’s skilled nursing facility, serving a maximum capacity of 149 residents at any given time. In all senior care facilities, “preventing falls” is one of the greatest challenges. Rocky Knoll has found a beneficial treatment for this debilitating and costly issue for their most vulnerable dementia care residents – the use of an innovative vibration therapy device through the Life Enrichment Program.

“Thanks to the support of the Frank G. & Frieda K. Brotz Family Foundation, Inc., we are able to continue to enhance the Life Enrichment Program for the dementia care residents at Rocky Knoll by assisting with a novel fall prevention program to best serve the residents and staff at Rocky Knoll,” Jeff Leismer, VibeTech CEO, said. “The program will incorporate new exercise machines, which deliver therapeutic vibration to Rocky Knoll residents, enabling them to receive the benefits of leg exercises while seated, with or without putting forth any physical effort. The grant allows the Rocky Knoll team to create training programs for staff, caregivers and volunteers, which are expected to reduce staff burden, increase caregiver morale and enhance quality of life for Rocky Knoll memory care residents.”

Since 2016, after a limited launch of a device secured from VibeTech, Rocky Knoll staff have seen first-hand the positive impact that VibeTech’s semi-recumbent therapeutic vibration equipment has provided to dementia care participants. Residents have demonstrated increased mobility and strength, elevated mood, and reduced pain in addition to demonstrating a 45-percent reduction in falls in the first six participants during the three-month pilot program (Jacoby & Leismer, 2019 – Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation).

With the support of the Brotz Family Foundation, and through collaboration with VibeTech, the Rocky Knoll has the opportunity to provide support staff to develop expertise with the system, add two pieces of equipment to the Life Enrichment program and participate in research and data collection that will ensure the best results for their seniors – and thousands of others by impacting the design and availability of portable vibration therapy units.

VibeTech Clinical Liaison, Deb Jacoby, will be working together with staff, interns from UW-La Crosse, family members of memory care residents, and volunteers to develop and implement training programs that best engage Rocky Knoll’s memory care residents in interactive exercise sessions involving VibeTech’s latest innovations.

The new products used for this fall prevention program are being engineered to especially benefit residents with mobility impairments and cognitive decline, who have difficulty following instructions and may be confined to a wheelchair. The VibeTech team is paying extra attention to detail when it comes to design simplicity so that caregivers and volunteers can administer treatments and engage in quality interactions with the residents. VibeTech’s proprietary smart dosing capabilities and the fact that residents can receive their treatments right from their wheelchair or easy chair are big selling points for the new technology.

“We look forward to working together with other organizations in the Sheboygan community who have a stake in dementia care and support: The Gathering Place, Generations, Tender Hearts Senior Care, the Alzheimer’s Association of SE WI, and the Aging and Disability Resource Center,” Rocky Knoll Administrator Kayla Clinton said. “Through collaboration with these organizations and others in the surrounding communities, we can make a difference in the quality of life experienced by dementia patients and the toll it takes on their families and caregivers.”

Rocky Knoll is committed to an operation reflecting its value driven motto of “Innovation with Compassion.” The staff aspires to provide each resident with innovative, compassionate and quality care that supports their highest level of functionality.

“With teamwork, talent and great pride, our care giving and administration teams have achieved and maintained the prestigious 5-Star Quality rating from CMS [Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services],” stated Sheboygan County Executive Adam Payne.

For more information about Rocky Knoll’s Life Enrichment Program, contact Rocky Knoll Administrator Kayla Clinton at kclinton@rockyknoll.net or visit www.myrockyknoll.com.

Additional information about VibeTech can be found by contacting VibeTech CEO Jeff Leismer at jeff@vibetechglobal.com or on the website www.vibetechglobal.com.