A Series of Good Vibrations

Hosted by Jeff Leismer, PhD


VibeTech is introducing a new video blog called, “A Series of Good Vibrations,” which offers a collection of connected stories, testimonials and clinical results featuring concepts and innovations to enrich your life.


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A Series of Good Vibrations
Episode 2: How Can That Be? 1/3rd More Flexibility and 2/3rds Less Pain in 10 Minutes
Do you struggle to put on your shoes and socks? Is it painful to get out of bed in the morning?
Janine is a professional home caregiver and a regular at the VibeTech office. Her clients have noticed huge strides with her own flexibility, pointing out that she is now bending and squatting to get at things she couldn’t get at before. Bob is a retired systems engineer and human factors engineer, and a lifelong acoustic guitar enthusiast.
Whenever he’s had a treatment, his knee pain drops from a 7 out of 10 to a zero after just a few minutes! We all strive to be like Bob or Janine… To find effective, non-pharmacological remedies to the ailments which limit our capabilities.
I dream of a day when you have no more knee pain that makes you struggle to walk up and down the stairs…No back pain preventing you from rolling out of bed with a smile on your face…and such great flexibility that you can switch back from Velcro to laced shoes.
Why let problems with pain and range of motion decrease your mobility, putting you at an ever-increasing risk of suffering a fall the longer you live with these ailments?
Watch for me next week to see how you can lead a more active life, lower risk of falls, through increased mobility and physical confidence delivered through “A Series of Good Vibrations.”