A Series of Good Vibrations

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A Series of Good Vibrations

Episode 4: The Prize –Reducing Falls in Alzheimer’s Residents Who are 2X More Likely to Fall

Wait. Wait. Wait.

How much less did Rocky Knoll’s memory care residents fall while they were receiving VibeTech treatments? [Karl]

45% [Jeff]

Wow! That sounds like a lot. I know. Why did they fall so much less?

It’s because VibeTech discovered a way to deliver exercise without effort, making it simple for people with cognitive impairments and functional decline to experience gains previously thought to be impossible.

Nursing home residents living with Alzheimer’s disease are twice as likely to fall as others. It was Rocky Knoll’s innovative practices that led them to work with our team to bring this novel therapy to their memory care residents as part of a fall reduction program.

Not only did the residents fall less, nursing home staff members told us that residents were happier, stronger, and in a better mood. That’s incredible!

Why is this population so much more likely to fall?

There are biological reasons why people fall as well as certain conditions that make people more likely to fall… dementia being one of them.

The 20% gain in strength we see in people immediately after treatment that I mentioned on episode 1 really helps prevent the knees from buckling in weaker individuals, and it allows them to catch themselves easier if they begin to fall.

Also, the 32% gain in range of motion and 66% reduction in pain immediately after treatment that I reported in episode 2 enable people to move more fluidly and intentionally reducing their fall risk.

Join me next week as we kick off Series 2, “The Top 4 Conditions that Lead to Falls” on “A Series of Good Vibrations.”