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A Series of Good Vibrations 

Episode 5: Biological Reasons for Falls

In this series, I will address how various conditions lead to falls and which conditions are associated with the greatest risk. 

The present episode focuses on the biological reasons for falls to provide some insights into how various conditions may impact fall risk.

What is a fall in the first place?

The World Health Organization defines a fall as an event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or floor or other lower level. 

Falls can occur while standing, sitting, walking, and moving about. 

Even wheelchair users suffer falls during transfer to another seat or a bed. 

The leading biological causes for falls which VibeTech may be able to positively affect include:

 -muscle weakness, which puts a person at a 5X increased risk of suffering a fall

 -impaired balance, which puts someone at an over 3X risk

 -deficits in gait (or ability to walk) are associated with a 3X risk factor for falls

 -limited mobility is associated with a 2.5X risk

 -and cognitive impairment increases risk by nearly 2.5X. 

 -Those afflicted by these conditions are significantly more fearful of falling, which leads to them becoming more sedentary, which accelerates their deconditioning, putting them at an even greater risk of suffering a fall and fall related injury.

This cycle needs to stop. 

We can’t have people fearful of doing the very things that make them better.

We can’t have quality of life so diminished that the will to participate in life’s activities disappears.

We can break this chain. 

We can impart positive changes in mobility in individuals with these conditions.

We have successfully demonstrated that physical confidence and mood are elevated after VibeTech treatments.

We intend to make these treatments available to everyone living with these biological causes for falls regardless of the condition, or physical and cognitive status of the individual afflicted.

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